Chic NYC Shipping Policies

Due to the nature of CHIC NYC custom garments and orders, all sales both in store and online are FINAL SALE.


Chic NYC Runway store or franchise locations do not fulfill online orders. If you waited the full transit time for your order, please email for your tracking number. The store locations, department stores and franchises are operated solely of Chic NYC RUNWAY. All online orders are shipped through our online centers located in downtown areas or shopping centers in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong. If you place an online order, your order will take approximately 7-15 business days to arrive to you from our design center once it has actually shipped. 

CHIC NYC Runway is not fast fashion. We do not claim to be. We are a RUNWAY brand, providing you clothing for a fraction of the price of our retailers. Please be patient when ordering from our runway brand.

We ship from our own design houses in trademarked Chic NYC packaging. Chic NYC owns and operates all of its locations around the globe. We proudly operate all operations, including overseas manufactures, boutiques, shipping and design houses following USA pay regulations, health, safety and other standards that has allowed Chic NYC to be available to customers in any country worldwide. Please respect all countries and cultures when shopping at Chic NYC RUNWAY, as your design can be made or purchased in various locations worldwide, including Hong Kong, the middle east, USA, Canada, Paris, Milano, Hong Kong and other cities globally. But remember, this item was personally selected for you by the best buyers and designers in the world, displayed during New York Fashion Week on RUNWAY. As Chic NYC RUNWAY has traveled to over 30 countries in the world to find the richest items to bring to its customers. Couture items are made in house by the Chic NYC design team.

All sales are final. No refunds, no exchanges. Chic NYC RUNWAY creates custom garments and we do not refund our items.

No refunds, chargebacks or money returned for late or delayed orders. Chic NYC is a custom haute couture boutique, creating or purchasing your order once you make your purchase. Our items are created by our design team and then shipped to you in our trademark packaging once ready. Please be patient when purchasing the official CHIC NYC merchandise as we do create our items in house, handmade, or they are purchased specifically for you by our buying team in New York City and Hong Kong.


If a dress or couture gown was ordered, Chic NYC needs approximately 7-15 days to hand make the gown or couture item for you prior to shipping out. Please allow approx. 30-45 days for your dress to arrive from the date of the order you placed it. Dresses are custom and you may select your exact sizing and color if you wish.



Your item can take up to 15 days to ship if it is a custom item or needs to be ordered to be sent to you. Please be patient when buying from CHIC as we are owner owned and operated with a team of over 50 staff members working to keep up with the CHIC NYC demand.

*All packages are tracked via United States Postal Service or FEDEX with up to date tracking information daily and confirmation of their services and delivery through a USPS&FEDEX tracking number will be receipt and enough proof that your order was in fact received. Once USPS&FEDEX confirms it has your package and it is on its way, in transit, delayed or delivered, THE SELLER is not responsible for your package and if a chargeback is conducted in anyway, THE SELLER claims the customer responsible for the full retail value of the order, not a discounted rate or amount the customer actually paid for the product. But the actual retail amount found on the website will be charged to retrieve the senders cost back.

Lost, stolen or delayed packages should contact their local carriers.

We prepay custom charges, however, if there is a fee due at the time of delivery, CHIC NYC Runway will not be held responsible for any additional fees that may be required by the carrier to pick up your package. We send all items USPS 1st class or FedEx and pre pay these charges, but there may be charges incurred outside of our payment that you would need to be responsible for. We will not refund or provide a credit for this amount. It is the customers responsibility once shipped.



We offer FREE worldwide shipping on every order. All orders ship within 1-10 Business Days as we are a haute couture boutique. This means we hand make, create or purchase the merchandise once you place your order with us. We are not fast fashion. This entire process can take up to 15 days due to custom designs being made or purchased by our team of buyers once ordered. Please be patient. We offer items on our website for those wanting RUNWAY clothing at a fraction of the price compared to our in store pricing on couture garments and jewelry. By shopping online you not only get amazing prices, but you also get the chance to wear a runway brand that ships to you anywhere in the world! This is an opportunity you will not find in store.

In the rare case your ORDER is back ordered or a custom design is selected, your order will ship within 15 business days of your order date and ship via USPS 1st class mail. If you ordered clothing and your item is out of stock, CHIC NYC may ship you 1 size up or down in exchange for an XS, XL, etc. We tend to send 1 size up. These orders are not refunded unless the item is specifically out of stock.

Approximate FREE Standard Shipping Times once your item is shipped by our design team:

USA: 10-15 Business days or Less from shipping dare

UK / Australia - 10-14 Business Days or Less from shipping date

Canada & Europe - 10 -15 Business Days or Less from shipping date

Asia & Rest of World - 14 Business Days up to 30 from shipping date

Please keep in mind during the months of November and December there is high volume of online shoppers due to Holiday shipping, your order will take the full time to get to you per USPS policies (5-15 business days) and international orders can take 5-40 days. 

Please keep in mind that all orders are shipped with tracking, however, the tracking is not provided when your order is fulfilled. We track all shipments internally and if not received within 5-15 business days, we will provide a tracking number or claim the package on your behalf. Your order will either be fulfilled from one of our stores or may be sent directly from our Beijing design houses. None the less, no matter where it is shipped from - we will always have it in the mail as quickly as possible and on its way to you. 

Your item may ship from NYC, Florida, other locations in the USA, Europe or Beijing downtown areas, shopping malls or boutiques where our design houses, boutiques and stores that carry our brand are located. Our main creative team is located in NYC in the Empire State Building and our design house and manufacturing house is in Beijing.

FASHION WEEK: CHIC NYC RUNWAY shipping can be severely backed up during the month of February each year due to Fashion week in New York City, London, Paris and Milano of which CHIC NYC participates in. Please keep this in mind if you checkout anytime between January 25th-March 1st of each year. CHIC NYC RUNWAY will not refund your order if it is delayed, so please be sure to keep this in mind when checking out between those times and support us via social media @chicnyc

Due to customs, countries may see a longer shipping time that will include Dubai, Pakistan, India, Israel and Russia. However, all packages are received but this process can take 2-8 weeks due to their border control. Other international counties may find these same wait times. You may also encounter additional fees that will not be refunded by our brand or credited back to you.

Waited your full transit time? Email us for tracking today. We are happy to help you in finding your order and making you CHIC NYC RUNWAY ready.

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